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Cedar City, Utah—David Mineer (and son David Mineer Jr.), co-owners of Construction Monitor, are leading the company on a nationwide expansion that began this year with a goal to reach all major U.S. markets by the end of 2013. The expansion is a significant milestone for the 23-year-old business, which has been a job lead source for contractors and other professionals in the construction industry in the Western U.S. and Texas.

With a subscriber base of more than 3,500 clients, Construction Monitor (CM) expects to pick up at least 1,000 more subscribers by the end of the year as a result of the expansion. Mineer’s goal is to add at least that many more subscribers each year. Through weekly reports and 24/7 website data access, subscribers have access to important building project information that details the latest building permits that have been filed. The information that CM provides is extracted from public records in building department offices throughout the country and packaged in a convenient and comprehensive report for industry professionals.

Mineer’s decision to expand CM to all major U.S. markets came on the heels of an offer that he received in the fall of 2011 by a highly successful corporation in Silicon Valley to purchase his business. Though the offer initially sounded strong, Mineer wanted to do some research to determine the true value of Construction Monitor. After the offer was made, Mineer contacted the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Cedar City, a resource for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for advice, mentorship and training.

Following several counseling sessions with SBDC Director Craig Isom, Mineer determined that the Silicon Valley offer did not fully recognize the true value of CM and also discovered that there was a significant opportunity to grow the business by reaching out to all major U.S. markets. “Having the information from the SBDC has helped me as a business owner make more intelligent decisions,” said Mineer. The legwork that Mineer and Isom did to assess CM’s value ultimately led Mineer to the decision to expand the company. Now, Mineer uses SBDC consultants as a sounding board for decisions he makes regarding CM’s growth.

Construction Monitors’ (CM) expansion has opened new markets including New York City, Chicago and Miami, which have boosted the company’s employment rates. In just three months since CM started its national expansion, Mineer has hired (and continues to hire) an average of 2-3 new staff a week, including independent contractors throughout the U.S. and additional staff for the headquarters office in Cedar City. The company is nearing 100 employees (including independent contractors) and expects to expand the headquarters office in Cedar City in the future.

The Utah SBDC network, located at Salt Lake Community College is comprised of 11 regional centers hosted by Utah colleges and universities. The centers serve entrepreneurs and small businesses across the state and are funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.