Salt Lake

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Serving Salt Lake and Summit Counties

The Salt Lake Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Salt Lake Community College is passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals of growth, innovation, increased productivity, management improvement, and success. We have experts on our team who can provide crucial information and support that can make the difference between a business’s success and failure.

Located at Salt Lake Community College’s Miller Campus, the Salt Lake SBDC leads the way in entrepreneurial education, advocacy and business development.

Serving Utah’s largest population with over one million residents and 40,000 businesses, the Salt Lake SBDC works to promote and assist small businesses in all stages of development. From individuals with an established business needing solutions, to individuals wanting to learn more about what it takes to go into business, the SBDC can help.

  • Secret to Success:
    "At Cottage Retreat Spa & Salon we do full service, we do everything."
  • Secret to Success:
    “Don’t take “no” for an answer, perseverance, and hard work. Be willing to overcome obstacles and not to get discouraged.”
  • Secret to Success:
    "The SBDC gave South Mountain the key knowledge, resources, and contacts to become a successful commercial construction manager. They have helped identify metrics of success to grow my business so we know and do what it takes to achieve our growth goals."
  • Secret to Success:
    "We do this work because we like making people feel good about themselves. That is the most important aspect of our business."