The Moab Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is located on the campus at Utah State University in Moab.   The SBDC offers a broad range of services to assist small business owners in entrepreneurial education, advocacy, and business development.

To facilitate small business owner success the SBDC provides comprehensive business planning, market research, financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis, financial projections and other management consulting. The SBDC also offers low cost training workshops focused on several business management topics designed for established businesses, start-up ventures, or during any stage of business development. The Moab SBDC enjoys providing businesses in the region with the resources needed to thrive, increase job opportunities and contribute to economic sustainability.

  • Secret to Success:
    “We recognized a great opportunity when we saw it when we realized the business was for sale. And we did our homework to make the best deal with the owners so it was a win for them and for us.”