Harvest Lane Honey

“The research reports provided by the SBDC gave us the data we needed to make decisions and become more attractive to investors.”

Mike and Rhonda Wells, Jason and Mindy Waite


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Mike & Rhonda Wells, Jason & Mindy Waite

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Harvest Lane Honey

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"YouTube channel and online forums help them become more recognized as industry experts and establishes trust and value for their customers.”
Mike and Rhonda Wells, Jason and Mindy Waite
Harvest Lane Honey (HLH) grew from a large home garden to a beekeeping operation in the Oquirrh Mountain region of Utah. The owners first started keeping bees to help pollinate their garden. Once they had the bees, they had to purchase equipment to care for them.  But the available equipment was inadequate, so they made their own in the garage. Other beekeepers started asking to buy the custom equipment, and that’s when Harvest Lane Honey was born. They eventually moved to online sales, then to retail establishments. The “just add bees” convenience of HLH’s products enabled budding beekeepers to walk into a store, buy a box, protective gear, and locate suppliers that can furnish packaged bees. This was a huge success with consumers, and the growth began! 
Mike Wells said, “Our job is to help bees find good stewards, and providing those stewards with the tools and knowledge to raise healthy bees.” As such, it is paramount to stay connected to the beekeeping community. HLH has a popular YouTube channel where beekeepers and aspiring beekeepers can go to learn how to tend to their hives. HLH frequently participates in online forums where they can chat with beekeepers. This helps them become more recognized as industry experts and establishes trust and value for their customers.
HLH began working with the Tooele Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in 2013. They learned about running a business from SBDC trainings, and they were introduced to key advisors that would help them navigate their rapid growth. Since working with the SBDC they have grown, from featuring products by 2 retailers to 21 establishments, and from working out of a garage to a 20,000 sq. ft. production space,. They have also grown from one full-time employee to 11 full-time, and 2 part-time employees.
As they continue to grow, HLH continues to seek guidance from the SBDC. Right now they are in position to expand again, and they rely on timely, in-depth research reports from the SBDC to do it effectively.