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In February of 2000, Charles Acklin was on a skiing retreat when approached by two (former) clients he served while working for a business-consulting agency.  Acklin’s clients expressed their appreciation for his consulting services but said they were no longer going to work with Acklin due to limitations the consulting firm placed on the business relationship.  The clients had questioned Acklin about his willingness to stay with the company and wondered how long he would put up with the challenges the firm imposed.

The encounter had struck Acklin’s attention.  Acklin spent the following three months trying to improve processes with the company and his partnership, but was met with very little success.  Disappointed and concerned about his contribution to his clients, Acklin decided to start a new venture with start-up capital that had been offered to him several months earlier by two investors. On October 1st, 2000, Acklin resigned from his position with the consulting agency and began his new business VOLTI, a business consulting service.

Acklin proceeded to reach out to the Orem Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for business advising with Ken Fakler. The business counseling Acklin received helped Volti implement strategies to accrue large accounts, hire additional employees and set up an employee compensation plan. “Fakler has helped stabilize, expand, innovate, and transform VOLTI from a highly successful ‘one-man operation’ to a team–really taking it to the next level, ” Acklin said. 

VOLTI’s mission is to accelerate and increase the success of business ventures.  VOLTI offers a unique approach for its customers and achieves successful results by learning the style, values and traditions of the companies they work for.  After thorough research, VOLTI works with teams and individuals on a daily basis, utilizing real life situations to apply proven elements of the Volti program and uncover essential areas of improvement.

VOLTI’s core values help businesses thrive by focusing on the strengths of a company’s staff and by creating improvement on an individual level.    The approach is grounded in the belief that by empowering employees, results improve–which enhances the overall performance of the business.  The final product is then increased profit for the company.