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The Family Zone is the only private clinic in Utah that utilizes Foot Zone Therapy as the cornerstone service for clients. Built on the vision and tenacity of Julie and John Cheney, the Family Zone began in 2010 as a home-based business in Salem, Utah, which recently moved into a professional office space in Spanish Fork. The Cheney’s hope to expand operations in the near future with plans to open a second location that will serve as both a clinic and school for Foot Zone Therapy training in the Orem or Provo area.

After working for several years as a nurse, Julie pursued training at the Academy of Foot Zone Therapy to become a certified Foot Zone Therapist. Foot Zone Therapy is analogous to an advanced practice of reflexology, which combines the discoveries of reflexology with an extensively researched, systematic approach to healing the entire body. “Many people who come in for nerve or endocrine systems see amazing results,” says Julie.

When the Cheney’s first relocated to Utah County, the couple rented a room in a chiropractic office to provide Foot Zone Therapy to their growing clientele. Utilizing Julie’s extensive training and experience, they began to offer Foot Zone Therapy certification courses.

The practice swiftly grew, and the Cheney’s considered the option of opening their own clinic. John and Julie contacted the Orem Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for assistance in determining the direction of their growing business.

“We received amazing advice from the SBDC. They helped us see how to structure the business,” says Julie. “They also helped us decide on when to hire employees, how to keep the expenses and revenue in balance, and helped us decide when it was time to change.”

The Family Zone has since transformed to a full-service clinic, that employs four full-time and several part-time staff that offer a variety of complementary therapeutic services to support whole body healing. The Cheney’s share a vision to establish the Spanish Fork clinic as the lead facility which oversees a network of satellite clinics that provide Foot Zone Therapy to communities throughout Utah.

Julie and John Cheney continue to rely on the Orem SBDC for guidance in their growth efforts and for ongoing business decisions. “The SBDC has been so helpful dividing what we want to do into milestones,” says Julie. “The advice has been key to helping us reach our goals.”