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Stephanie Anderson’s path to business ownership has been a long and winding road.  It has taken her through operating a landscape business and being an oilfield worker; very untraditional employment for a lady.
Anderson first came to the Vernal Small Business Development Center (SBDC) over a decade ago.  She was looking for grants to start a business.  After discussions with the center director, Mark Holmes, she learned that everything she had heard about free money to start a business is just myth and legend.  So, the hard work began.  She needed to build enough savings to launch a business.
At that point Anderson knew that she wanted to be in business.  She had some ideas, but wasn’t absolutely sure for what purpose she was saving her money.  Then came the day she injured her back.  There’s a saying in the oilfield, “you can tell how long someone has worked there by how many fingers they are missing.”  With the injury, came a need to do something else.
Anderson became interested in holistic medicine and health methods.  One of those methods is to detoxify the body by drawing those toxins.  Now she had the idea, along with her savings, and a desire to be successful.  So she returned to the Vernal SBDC.  Holmes helped her register the new business with the State, get her business license, and helped her find a great location.
Anderson learned just how fast things can move in the business world.  In addition to the detox therapy, she is also selling soaps, lotions, lingerie, and adult novelties.  Again, the SBDC was ready to help, and Holmes was there when she needed help with the sales tax.
Anderson’s next challenge is to move to a new location and bring more clients into the store.  She recently secured additional space with greater visibility.  She is also planning to add other services and new products to pamper and beautify her clients, both inside and out.