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Shea Risenhoover and his family have been in the heating and cooling business for 10 years in Moab. He found out that the owners of the only appliance store in Moab were interested in selling their business. Risenhoover and one of his friends, Keith Leavitt, became business partners and began to negotiate with the owners to buy their business. Risenhoover said, “we had a vision that we could re-energize the business and add a new stronger service component to it, make it into a booming enterprise.”
Risenhoover  and Leavitt first went to talk to the Economic Development Specialist at the City of Moab last summer. He immediately referred them to Kris Marsh, who was just starting her job as director of the Moab Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Risenhoover said, “Marsh helped us create a strong business  plan and helped  tremendously get our financial projections together before we went to apply for financing. She supported us through a very long and drawn out financing process and would not let us give up.”
Risenhoover said that one of the biggest challenges as a new business owner is meeting the pent up demand for their products and  services. His advise to other entrepreneurs is to be well prepared with a good business plan and clear financial projections. Be realistic about the time it may take for financing. He said, “if you believe you have a great vision for the business, stick with it and don’t be discouraged. Reach out and get the support you need from the SBDC. It will make all the difference.”
Southern Appliance continues to stay very busy meeting the demand for their services. In addition to five days a week, they are now open Saturdays. They will eventually get more involved in the community as they gain their stride. They really appreciate the help Marsh gave them through the process. Risenhoover said, “I trust her more than most anyone I know.” He continues, “it’s exciting to be in the drivers seat and see our dreams for success be a reality so quickly.”