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As the owner of Morning Glory Healing Arts, Lee Truesdale’s journey of becoming an entrepreneur is reflective of the very essence of her massage and wellness coaching practice, which is to empower and strengthen the lives of others.

“Lee’s transformation from a passive business person to one that has so much energy and enthusiasm is honorable,” says Buddy Redd, Director of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Blanding.  “Lee has realized that she has value and she offers a very worthwhile service to the community.”

In 2005, Truesdale launched her massage business, which has helped her develop a passion for the overall health and well-being of the people in her community.  Inspired to broaden her ability to provide a more comprehensive and extended service to help people heal and grow, Truesdale pursued training to become a certified life coach  through an organization that specializes in helping women develop leadership skills and individual capacities.

While working towards her coaching certification, Truesdale also prepared to expand her business to include body work and health and wellness coaching. She applied to the Utah Individual Development Account Network (IDA), a saving account that provides matched funding by American Express for qualified businesses. To meet IDA’s criteria, Truesdale was referred to the SBDC to develop a business plan.

“My advisor Buddy Redd was somebody that really resonated with me,” says Truesdale. “Through his guidance and the work that we did together to fulfill the IDA requirements, I found the resources I needed within myself and outside of myself to ground my work, extend my vision and learn the skills and capacities that I needed.  Buddy also helped me build my confidence and validate my vision.”

After several business counseling sessions with Redd at the SBDC, and successful receipt of her coaching certification, Truesdale launched her wellness coaching program at Morning Glory Healing arts in the Spring of 2012.

“One of the ways I have found myself to be successful in this work, is to recognize my potential,” says Truesdale. “I believe in my potential and I am following it. I recognize the value of money, and sure, I want to increase my income, but what works for me is focusing on the heart of the work, and the money will follow.”

Looking forward, Truesdale hopes to continue her massage work, further expand her coaching practice, teach classes and conduct retreats for women in Moab and surrounding communities.

The Small Business Development Center of Blanding recognizes the accomplishments of Lee Truesdale’s efforts to expand Morning Glory Healing Arts. “Lee defines success as a being able to follow her energy and passion and help others do the same,” says Redd. “Her vision is to help society achieve a greater legacy of health and well-being.”