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Irrisoft Inc., a manufacturer located in Logan, develops climate-controlled irrigation systems, otherwise known as “smart irrigation control.” The smart technology allows residential and commercial users to reduce water consumption and costs by efficiently managing irrigation through automated settings.

Irrisoft Inc. has been chosen by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Logan as a nominee for the annual 2012 regional business award. “Irrisoft makes excellent products and company sales have grown substantially over the last year,” says Frank Prante, Director of the SBDC. “Moore is an excellent example of how perseverance, networking and flexibility are important to success.”On average, users of Irrisoft technology observe a 30% reduction in water use. “The problem with most sprinkler systems is that they don’t respond to the changes in climate,” says Moore. “Smart irrigation knows the right amount of water (to release) based on a number of different climate factors including rain, air temperature, wind and cloud coverage.”

Moore has worked with Prante for the past two years to further grow Irrisoft Inc. The SBDC helped Moore learn how to more efficiently allocate resources and improve marketing outreach. “The consulting that Frank provided has been very valuable,” says Moore. “He has helped me look at things from a different perspective and re-adjust my priorities.”

Prante has also helped Moore develop marketing materials for the Weather Reach Controller Link, a product Irrisoft launched in the spring of 2012. The Controller Link attaches to any sprinkler controller and adjusts watering schedules based on information provided by a weather and climate database, which is transferred over a Wi-Fi connection. In addition to the Weather Reach Controller Link, Irrisoft manufacturers another smart irrigation control product called the ET Manager, which is distributed through Rain Bird, one of the largest sprinkler and irrigation system manufacturers in the world.

Irrisoft products are currently sold throughout the U.S and Canada. “I think it’s fantastic that we have had the opportunity to innovate new technologies for water management and conservation, have been able to manufacture several products for Rain Bird, and that we are making a difference.”Moore’s background includes a degree in Landscape Architecture followed by a couple of different industry related jobs doing landscape construction and sales for a sprinkler manufacturer. “The story of our business and how I became an entrepreneur is a great example of the magic of the free enterprise system,” says Moore. “Before launching Irrisoft, Travis Barney [co-founder] and I were just selling sprinklers for a distributor in Utah.”