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With nearly twenty years of experience as a weight loss counselor and lifestyle coach, as well as years as a seasoned entrepreneur, April Judd knows what it takes to never give up on a goal, even in the face of challenges.

Judd opened Healthy Express Weight Loss and Management of St. George, Utah in November 2012. The launch marked an important milestone in Judd’s career as an entrepreneur, which began in 1997.

“I have a vision and passion to help create a healthier community.” says Judd. “This time I wanted to do things differently and do it without a loan. My business plan states that I will work for the first two years without pay. All incoming money will go towards growing the business and to build enough savings for some peace of mind.”

Judd reached out to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) of St. George in the fall of 2012 before opening her doors. “The SBDC helped me develop my licensing agreement and non-competition agreement. They helped me create my organization, business plan and future business plans,” says Judd. “My counselor, Len Erickson has not only established my business through education and counseling, he has helped me develop a big picture and a way to achieve my goals.”

Three major components serve as the bedrock for Judd’s business—healthy nutrition, exercise and behavior modification. The service teaches people how to become self-reliant without the needs of supplements, drugs, or specific food programs. Judd’s unique behavior modification program includes 52 weeks of education and assignments. Clients receive weekly consultations, physician recommended ways of eating, and a customized exercise program. “Our goal is to get clients moving and help them to create healthy lifelong habits,” says Judd.

Currently, Healthy Express Weight Loss programs can be accessed in the St. George facility, or through Skype. Judd is also in the process of offering the program over the web, which will include weekly phone consultations. In the future, Judd hopes to share her curriculum globally. She is researching other providers that she can partner with to provide even more people with long-term permanent weight loss solutions.

The Small Business Development Center of St. George recognizes the accomplishments of April Judd and the growth of her business. “Due to her energy, creativity and passion, April is expanding her business to both regional and nationwide networks. She is looking at things in a different way, and partnering with other health and fitness providers to make her program available on the web,” says Len Erickson, SBDC Director. “What’s remarkable is that her service is for everyone—young, old, healthy and unhealthy. This business is for our generation and generations to come.”