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Inspired by a passion for helping entrepreneurs, Alan Hall founded Grow America in 2008 to support, encourage, and strengthen entrepreneurialism and to create and grow tomorrow’s successful companies.

In 2011, the company initiated its first product, “DooBizz”, a powerful online tool that helps entrepreneurs access the resources they need to grow the seed of an idea into a successful business.  A one-of-a-kind product, DooBizz offers over 80 educational modules at no cost to the entrepreneur. The lessons and activities offered are arranged like leaves on a tree. As an entrepreneur grows their “business tree,” they accomplish critical tasks to launch a successful business. The website also helps connect users to partners, vendors, mentors and capital entrepreneurs to create and grow tomorrow’s successful companies.

Although the official launch of DooBizz is in March of 2012, a number of successful milestones have already been achieved: Grow America has over 600 entrepreneurial users from across the U.S. and throughout the world and has 61 registered vendors that have contributed to significant revenue gains.

The development and launch of Grow America has created job opportunities in both the Ogden and Salt Lake City communities.  Currently the company has 18 employees.  During the marketing, engineering and design of DooBizz, Grow America employed more than 60 consultants and contractors in Utah.

Grow America is located in the city of Ogden and at Salt Lake Community Colleges’ Miller Business Resource Center (MBRC) in Sandy.  The company chose the MBRC location to access resources including the MBRC’s Innovation Center, a business incubator for innovative startup companies and the Utah Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network. The CEO of Grow America, Berkeley Geddes utilizes the center for office and conferencing space, to meet with SBDC consultants to assure DooBizz is on track, to network with other business consultants and get better connected to the entrepreneurial community.

The Salt Lake Small Business Development Center congratulates Grow America for their success and looks forward to a continued partnership with DooBizz to help entrepreneurs realize the full potential of their dreams and own a successful business.