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G.O. Green Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Garth O. Green as the DBA Southwest Plumbing Supply. Originally Mr. Green was the company’s only employee, and his business was located in a small building on 100 West in Cedar City. Today G.O. Green is run by four of Garth’s sons and a young ambitious executive team with Mike Green as CEO.  They now have 120 employees and 12 buildings. SouthWest Plumbing Supply originally started as a local plumbing supply store and has since expanded to a supplier and wholesaler of major brands from multiple industries with daily distribution throughout the world. 
In 2003 Mike Green began selling overstocked and stale inventory items on eBay and saw how successful internet sales could be. A year later the company invested in a million dollar software package for managing all aspects of the business including internet sales.  By continuing to develop the software they were able to supplement their wholesale/retail store sales with online business and have since expanded into web development services, marketing, call center support, and order fulfillment services.  
Craig Isom, Director of the Cedar City Small Business Development Center (SBDC), toured Mike’s facility and together he and Mr. Green determined that G.O. Green Enterprises would be an ideal candidate for an Economic Gardening project.  Economic Gardening (EG) is specifically designed to help growing companies make better decisions by focusing on strategic issues, such as refining business models or developing new markets and sales channels.  The EG program provides the company with access to a team of highly skilled research specialists that gather strategic information specific to the company’s industry and competitive environment.  As an EG team leader, Isom has met several times with Green to discuss market expansion, search engine optimization and social media marketing.  
Mike Green has been able to use technology and the internet to propel G.O. Green Enterprises into the future. He plans to continue to utilize the resources available through the Cedar City SBDC as his business continues to grow.