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The Fiesta Fun Family Fun Center has been in existence since 1993. Brett and Kristine Crockett purchased it in 2002. Since that time, they have continually made improvements. The Fiesta Fun Family Fun Center is situated on 10 ½ acres off I-15 at Exit 6. It has excellent exposure to the six million plus cars that drive the freeway each year. In their largest expansion to date, the Crockett’s are eliminating the golf driving range in order to build a 40,000 square foot building. The cost of this undertaking is five million dollars. This is a real testament to the dedication the Crockett’s have for the St. George community and the surrounding areas. 
The new building will house a 20 lane bowling entertainment center, a 4,000 square foot laser tag area, and expanded arcade. It will also include a 2,600 square foot restaurant, a 1,000 square foot sound proof conference room to hold business meetings, and a 3,000 square foot outdoor covered patio for corporate parties and family reunions. 
The Crockett’s believe the secret to their success is to stay passionate about what they do and produce a quality product that the public wants. They believe that it is important to stay ahead of their current and potential competition with fresh new ideas. 
Lennart Erickson, Director of the St. George Small Business Development Center (SBDC) assisted the Crockett’s with their original feasibility study. Once the study was complete they were able to assess the risk. It appeared to be very feasible and Erickson said “let’s get this built.” His advice, expertise, and enthusiasm helped to develop the theory “if we build it, they will come.” This project is taking time to come to completion, but with their patience and perseverance it will be well worth the wait. Brett stated “Erickson is on speed dial and he is helping us with everything. Without him we would never have taken the risk.” 
The Crockett’s continue to move forward. The new Fiesta Fun Family Fun Center is taking shape, the foundation is now laid and the walls will begin to rise soon. This new development will be a great addition to St. George and Southern Utah’s economy. It will increase new job opportunities, support families, and make the community a more viable place to work, live and play.