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After 14 years working his way up in restaurants, Reed Sampson decided it was time to put hisexperience to work and opened his own concessions and catering business. The catering business fueled his enthusiasm for business ownership and gave him the experience to take the next step. Sampson was going to start his own restaurant.

Sampson then went to Brent Redd at the Blanding Small Business Development Center. Sampson wanted to start a barbecue restaurant. Redd helped him write a business plan and do market research. The two came up with revenue projections and Sampson began looking for a good location. He created a business entity and worked with the SBDC on funding possibilities. Through personal sacrifice and frugality, Sampson got funding. He found a great location, had graphics and logos designed, created the menu and remodeled the building.

The transition from manager to business owner has not been without challenges. Sampson had to face the realization that he is responsible for everything happening at his restaurant. Costs associated with the business operation such as insurance, payroll and overhead had a learning curve, but he stepped up to the challenge. It requires a constant and consistent effort to provide good food, good service and a good price. Redd held follow-up meetings with Sampson, giving input on good business practices and suggesting and discussing things that could improve the business.

FattBoyz Grillin’ exceeded expectations. Sampson said he’s grateful for the support he received from the community, vendors, employees and the SBDC.

The Utah SBDC network is comprised of 11regional centers hosted by Utah colleges anduniversities. The centers serve entrepreneursand small businesses across the state. Thecenters are funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.