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Located seventy miles east of St. George, in beautiful southeastern Utah, Orderville is a gateway town to Zion Canyon National Park. The town itself has about 600 residents and largely relies on travel and tourism industries for jobs, although Extreme Beam, a retail supplier for high-powered tactical lighting supplies is challenging that demographic.

Extreme Beam has recently expanded their distribution channels to new dealers, law enforcement agencies and military groups among both national and international markets—a growth that will help the company increase productions and grow operations in Orderville.

Before the company was established in 2006, David Wilson, (present day Western Regional Sales President), was as a law enforcement technician that specialized in improving officer equipment. As a technician, Wilson discovered that there was a significant opportunity to develop brighter and more durable lighting equipment for industrial and military applications. With a team of three other engineers, Wilson proceeded to manufacture some of the brightest and most durable and dependable lights in the history of the industry.

Though Wilson and his partners had developed a few strong and marketable flashlights, the team struggled to get their products into the right distribution channels. The team also needed substantial financing assistance to fully launch business operations. While participating in a networking event in 2008, Wilson was introduced to a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) consultant based in Kanab, Utah. Subsequently, Wilson met with the SBDC consultant over the course of the following two years to review and update the business plan, structure the company, and prepare information for prospective lenders. “The SBDC assisted us in properly organizing the company for banking institutions and investors to be able to examine our company with a greater level of clarity and comprehension,” said Wilson.

Since early 2011, Extreme Beam has acquired funding from a number of investor groups and private individuals. Currently the company manufactures 12 different models that are used by groups including the U.S. Army, Air Force and Marines, the British Forces, Italy’s Special Forces division (NOCS) and more. The company currently employs six staff in Orderville and oversees a manufacturing facility in China, however as sales increase, Wilson will need to hire more local employees. Wilson’s vision for the future is to establish an assembly facility in Orderville and hire contractors to build additional warehouse space.

“Extreme Beam has become a success as a result of good teamwork, our quality manufactured goods, a solid understanding of the U.S. market, and development of a proper financial structure,” said Wilson. “Without our SBDC Consultant, it would have been extremely difficult to achieve our current rate of success.”