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Dynamic Screening Solutions, Inc. is a woman-owned business that provides simple solutions to the headache of paperwork.  These solutions return legible, complete, electronic forms in a known format which facilitates easy processing.  Dynamic Screening also provides robust administrative tools that help view, track, store, and report data.
The company’s primary focus is to provide electronic employee hiring services which are designed to facilitate the hiring process.  Dynamic Screening Solutions began as a small local company and is located on Main Street in Logan, Utah.  The company has worked for a number of years to establish product optimization.  In the last two years, the company has seen rapid growth and is now being used in more than 2,000 locations across the US and Canada.
In 2007, Adrienne Akers left her 34 year career as a senior researcher at the Early Intervention Research Institute at Utah State University to start Dynamic Screening Solutions.  Akers says, “my willingness to network and be aware of my limitations have been  key to my success. When I launched the company, I had 25+ years writing and managing grants, yet no business training or experience.”  USU’s Commercial Enterprises Office provided initial guidance and the Logan Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the Cache Entrepreneurial Council have been her go-to groups.  Both groups have helped her find information and have been a constant support as she has developed her company.
Akers initial consultation with the SBDC over five years ago focused on learning how to build a
basic financial model.  In more recent years, the Dynamic Screening Solutions team has attended SBDC conferences regularly. The company has worked long-term with the Logan SBDC Director, Mike Young, to develop the strategies and tools needed to drive revenue growth.  In discussing her interactions with Young and the Logan SBDC, Akers says, “Young and his team have done substantial market research to help us find potential resellers and relevant industries. Currently, the SBDC is helping us formulate a scalable sales process that is now being successfully implemented in all locations.”