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Roger Yates came up with the idea for Deseret Tool and Supply after working for a fastener supplier for over eight years, where he expanded his knowledge of repairing tools for contractors. A number of years and a lot of hard work later, Yates had built a very successful startup business on his own. He developed a very good reputation with the contractors for his ability of quickly and efficiently reparing tools for a reasonable price. At the beginning he faced some difficult times; not all of the people around him were very supportive. But that fact did not stop him from getting off the mat and trying it again.
“Strong determination is always necessary for success to take place”, Roger stated “I can make a living on repairing tools and make a good profit on selling construction supplies like nails, staples, adhesives, anchors and accessories”.
Making early and smart decisions, Roger created a purchase plan. With some money saved, he invested in the inventory, and he became very successful based on sales forecasts.
Roger realized that he was the first and only small tool repairman in Washington County, Mesquite and Cedar City. Starting with only 25 contractors, now Roger is a major warranty repair center for the Southern Utah area. He repairs brands such as Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Bosch. 
Roger’s business growth is also influenced by the help of Len Erickson, Director of the St. George Small Business Development Center. “I really appreciate all of the assistance and support provided to me and my wife, Rochelle. Len was there as a mentor to give advice on how to start a business on a shoestring”. At the time, the banks were holding back on lending, however, Len showed me guidance and financial options. He helped me write a business plan. Regardless of the size of the business, I realized that a business plan is fundamental to the first step for success.
Today Roger has over $465,000 sales and the banks love him. Recently he received an operating loan for $40,000. It is about time, since Roger put up the other $65,000 in owner equity. He owns an excellent business in a great location. He will continue to grow as Southern Utah expands again. Construction will be king.