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Costume Collective is a collaboration of seven women who produce hand crafted, high quality costumes and garments. Sherene McClellan has successfully surrounded herself with the right members whose skills cover each area necessary for success, from corporate apparel experience, to quality control and product photography. She is enthusiastic about the way the group’s skills and talents work together. Each woman in this company creates and produces a unique perspective and flair to the business, giving Costume Collective a wide and eclectic mix of products and styles.

McClellan and her husband John consider themselves entrepreneurial, having owned or operated a number of small business ventures. Over the past 15 years they have utilized the services of the Utah Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The SBDC has helped in many ways with finance and marketing assistance, as well as business training programs such as the FastTrac Growth Venture class. Alan Christensen, their SBDC counselor, introduced them to the Etsy platform, and a potential mentor. McClellan followed through on Christenses’ referral, utilizing the training to open a storefront on Etsy. Sherene and her sister, Deanna Sorenson, co-founded Costume Collective in August, 2013, which has been one of their most successful Etsy ventures to date. Eight months later, they opened an additional Etsy store, Tulle Skirt Shop.

Although there are many competitors in the online apparel space, and hundreds of apparel competitors on Etsy alone, Costume Collective has carved out a very successful niche. They have a perfect five-star review record. A quick look at their overwhelming complimentary customer reviews quickly bolsters confidence in potential customers. Currently, over 99% of their customers are located outside of Utah, including many that are international, which infuses new money into our state and national economies.

In July of 2014, Costume Collective worked with the SBDC to compete for the Smart Woman Grant for small businesses from Zions Bank. They were successful in being awarded the grant, which will provide funds to help support planned growth. Costume Collective seeks to expand and provide meaningful income opportunities to many more designers and seamstresses in the rural communities of Sanpete County.