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Inspired by his successful entrepreneurial father, Matt Crozier has had a life long dream to become a business owner. In October of 2010, Crozier’s dream became a reality when he and his wife Kristi Crozier launched BioGreen of Northeastern Utah, as exclusive distributors of BioGreen USA products serving Duchesne, Uintah and Daggett counties.

BioGreen USA is a manufacturer that distributes natural carbon-based fertilizers designed for residential and commercial lawns, gardens and agricultural farms through licensed and individually owned and operated BioGreen Lawn and Landscape Fertilization Service businesses, such as the Crozier’s. The road to becoming business owners was not an easy path for Matt and Kristi. Prior to launching BioGreen, Matt had been working in the oil fields and struggled to spend time with his family and be satisfied with his work. “One day I came home from work incredibly frustrated and upset,” Matt said. “When I tried to talk to (Kristi) about my day, I broke down… I told her ‘I can’t keep doing this.’ Tears were running down my face.”

Unbeknownst to Matt, Kristi began to research potential business opportunities including franchise opportunities and businesses that were for sale–which led her to find BioGreen USA. The BioGreen franchise opportunity appealed to the Crozier’s because the product offered a natural, effective and safe alternative to high priced, petroleum or chemically based fertilizers that are unsafe and toxic to plants, animals, people and the earth. “We are stewards of the land, and it is our responsibility to take care of all these things,” said Matt.

After consulting with the BioGreen manufacturer, Matt and Kristi decided to contact the Vernal Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for some initial assistance and direction. Mark Holmes, Director of the Vernal Small Business Development Center provided the Crozier’s a series of business counseling sessions that included assistance with writing a business plan and putting together financial projections. The SBDC also helped the Crozier’s assess their tax requirements and develop a marketing plan.

The Vernal SBDC recognizes Matt and Kristi Crozier for successfully launching and growing BioGreen of Northeastern Utah. In the first year of business (2011), the Crozier’s grossed nearly 90,000 in sales with 5 farming clients and 80 lawn-care service customers. In 2012, Matt projects the company will have at least a quarter of a million dollars in sales with 30 farmers and over 200 lawn-care service customers. The Crozier’s have been able to significantly grow the company through customer word of mouth, networking opportunities and limited marketing efforts.

For individuals, families or partners that are interested in owning a small business, Matt recommends, “Don’t be afraid of the adventure! Its not easy, and some days aren’t fun, but owning a business is far more rewarding. I have a better lifestyle and I can spend time with my family.”