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In the spring of 2012, Jodie and Craig Andersen acquired a lawn care company to provide their two sons Kyle and Andrew an opportunity to learn how to run a business and earn money while going to college.

Though everyone plays a part in the day-to-day lawn care activities—Jodie primarily uses her background working in the business office at Utah State University  (USU) to manage billing, receiving and to track expenses. Craig, the visionary and primary contact for the business, utilizes his planning and customer service skills to address client requests or to facilitate any potential client concerns. Kyle, a student at USU majoring in business marketing, applies his knowledge to conduct marketing activities, while Andrew uses his prior training in machinery mechanics to maintain all of the equipment.Previously “Varsity Lawn Care,” Jodie and Craig re-named the business Andersen Lawn Care to reflect the family-run structure, which utilizes the unique skills and strengths that Jodie, Craig, Kyle and Andrew have to offer.

Kyle and Andrew also conduct the majority of lawn care activities, including mowing, trimming, edging, tree trimming and branch removal, and yard maintenance for residential and business properties. “They just love being outdoors and working outdoors. They are both excited about growing the business,” said Jodie.

“Frank also helped us determine how we were going to grow the business and how to spread our wings to get more clients,” said Jodie. “I would like to give the SBDC five stars (out of five). I would recommend anyone going into business contact the organization, the experience has been very informative and helpful for us.”Before acquiring the lawn care company, the Andersen’s applied for a business loan, which required them to meet with a business advisor at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Logan. After contacting the SBDC, the Andersen’s met with Frank Prante, SBDC Director, who helped them to explore financing options, secure a loan, write a business plan, attain a federal tax identification number and prepare tax articles for the state of Utah.

Andersen Lawn Care has been selected to receive a Small Business Recognition Award from the Logan Small Business Development Center for their successful launch and potential for growth. “The Andersen’s have an aggressive sales force,” said Prante. “In just a few short months, they have landed additional clients and their business is already a success.”