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After years of working in practices in Ohio and in Utah, Dr. David Wall and his wife, Jenny, made the decision to open their own obstetrics and gynecology practice. It was a whirlwind of activity getting ready to open by August of 2014.
While taking business classes at the University, Mrs. Wall heard about the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and how they provide assistance to business owners. When they started the process of opening their own practice, she contacted the Orem SBDC.  She found the SBDC staff to be very accessible, friendly and helpful. “I felt like they had my best interest at heart,” she said. “They were ready to support me in whatever challenge I was facing.” 
With such a short time to prepare, the Wall’s met regularly with the Orem SBDC to work out business and financing details. Interpreting loan document requirements and terminology was a key factor that helped the Wall’s feel confident when speaking with the bank. Mrs. Wall said, “I was on my way to the bank when I called the SBDC’s intern, Matthew Allen, for reassurance.  I was so grateful that he answered the phone that day and helped with my financial questions and all the preparation I needed.” 
“We felt blessed to have so many people that played key roles and helped us be ready to open our doors,” said Dr. Wall. “Now, we are thrilled to have started.” His goal for new parents is to have a birth story that makes them smile when they tell it. He has extensive medical training and experience with some of the nation’s leading obstetricians. He also incorporates a more holistic, eastern medicine approach along with his western medical skills. Dr. Wall has dedicated his career to his patients by providing personalized care, helping women who have had a difficult child birth healing, and prepare for a better labour experience in the future.
Medical professionals need to understand the importance for women to find an obstetrician/gynecologist who will listen to their concerns and whom they can trust.  Alta OBGYN strives to provide a supportive environment to heal patients both physically and emotionally, helping them maintain and improve their quality of life. Dr. Wall affirms that treating patients with respect and truly caring makes all the difference. “You have to love the people and take care of them,” he said.