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Jonathan Hartnup, owner of A2Z Curb Appeal, LLC, offers high-powered pressure washing services using only biodegradable and hypoallergenic cleaning agents.  Hartnup has positioned A2Z Curb Appeal to fit an unmet need in Cache County for commercial and residential properties in need of a high-powered cleaning service.  Hartnup’s pressure washer has the capacity to clean waste-bin’s, large surface areas and can thoroughly clean the exterior of motor vehicles.  

Prior to launching A2Z Curb Appeal, Hartnup contacted the Logan Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for assistance with a business plan and initial cash flow projections.  The business plan helped Hartnup successfully receive a loan in the amount of 25,000 for cleaning equipment and inventory to start the business.  

Hartnup’s vision is to become the premier pressure washing company in Cache Valley and to expand his employee pool to ten staff in the next three years.   “I plan to eventually move to Florida with the business,” said Hartnup.  “In the long run, I want to expand A2Z to include franchise opportunities.” 

A2Z Curb Appeal’s target markets include restaurants, schools, supermarkets, churches, apartment complexes, subdivisions and homeowner associations that have a demand for both interior and exterior cleaning services.  Hartnup also hopes to expand his customer pool to include police departments, UPS, school buses and public transportation to name a few.  “There is an untapped commercial and residential market (in Cache County), and there is a need for pressure washing cleaning services,” said Hartnup.

Hartnup provides a professional, honest and courteous service to clients throughout Cache Valley.  Hartnup also offers a flexible business schedule to meet the needs of his customers–providing cleaning during the days, evenings or weekends.    

“During the initial stages of A2Z Curb Appeal, I plan on putting (revenue) back into the company, and sustain my living on my current income,” said Hartnup.  “I have several years of experience in business start-ups, and I believe I will be successful because I have a phenomenal work ethic, a great rapport with people, and I understand the value of the (service) I am offering.”

With only one other direct competitor in the region, Hartnup’s sales in 2011 were good–demonstrating the capacity for the company to have long-term success.  Hartnup expects to more than double his business sales going into 2012 and 2013.