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Dr. Kevin Jenkins has spent his life finding new and better ways to be healthy. He has treated people from all 50 states and 22 foreign countries.  After working several years as a personal trainer, the desire for better health led him to become a chiropractor rather than a medical doctor. Jenkins graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Nevada.  He received his Fellowship from the British Retreat of Homeopathy in London, his Advanced Practitioner of Homeopathy in Nevada, and went on to receive his Board of Certification for the Atlas Orthogonal Technique.  He is also trained in Acupuncture, Neural Therapy, and alternative and integrated healthcare. 
In 2001, Jenkins opened his own independent clinic in Nevada. At this clinic he built a reputation of caring and possessing advanced knowledge of various treatment methods.  He built a robust practice and created a continuous base of long term patients.  His practice was in such high demand that he would often be booked out three months in advance. 
In 2010 Jenkins closed his practice in Nevada and moved to St. George and began work on a PhD degree in Applied Neuroscience. 
In 2012, Jenkins contacted the St. George Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Director, Lennart Erickson for help with setting up his new practice in the St. George/Hurricane area.  Due to the high number of chiropractors in the St. George area there were obstacles to overcome to grow a strong patient base and generate positive cash flow.  Due to his excellent credentials and marketing skills his business has grown in both his St. George and Hurricane offices.
Jenkins gives a lot of credit for his success to the St. George SBDC.  “The SBDC has provided constant advice in critical areas of my business including financial and networking.  I have been working with Len Erickson and the SBDC for over two years. Len helped me to visualize where I should concentrate my efforts.  Len helped me to structure my business and find ways to finance it.  He has helped me to network in Southern Utah and to understand the local markets.  Currently, the practice is expanding and becoming profitable, as I continue to meet with the SBDC to get advice.”