Local Resources

Ogden City Business Information Center
Sara Stoffers
2036 Lincoln Ave., Ste. 105
Ogden, Utah 84401
(801) 629-8613
Ogden Weber Chamber
2484 Washington Boulevard, #400
Ogden, UT 84401
(801) 621-8300
Corporate Alliance
2225 Washington Blvd, Suite 150
Ogden, UT 84401
(801) 689-0301
Curtis Singleton
5333 S. Adams Avenue, Suite B
Ogden, Utah 84405
(801) 627-1333
Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) 
Alex Quayson-Sackey
North Front Business Resource Center
450 South Simmons Way - Suite #300
Kaysville, Utah 84037
(801) 593-2242
Vocational Rehabilitation 
950 East 25th Street - Suite #200
Ogden, UT 84401
(801) 395-7020
  • Secret to Success:
    “The secrets to success are tenacity, careful financial risk assessment, creativity and surrounding yourself with the right people.”
  • Secret to Success:
    “Be flexible. It is likely you will need to make adjustments or changes along the way.”
  • Secret to Success:
    "I always try to make every customer happy and ensure they get what they want.”
  • Secret to Success:
    "Building and maintaining relationships whether it is customers, employees or those who help you with the business part of your business. Any operation is only as good as it's people and the people it serves."
  • Secret to Success:
    "Relationships have made a big difference. Our business advisors have had a huge impact on the success of our business."
  • Secret to Success:
    “A key to success is having the right vision and helping others understand and buy into it.”