Craig E. Isom

Executive Director

Craig E. Isom is the Executive Director of the Southern Utah University Business Resource Center and the SBDC in Cedar City. In his role as director, Isom provides management, marketing and financial accounting consulting service for a variety of businesses.

Isom earned his Masters Degree in Accountancy and Bachelor of Arts Degree from Brigham Young University. As an Assurance Partner with Arthur Andersen LLP for over 26 years, Isom successfully aided small companies throughout California during the early stages of business development and during company growth efforts. Isom has worked with various business sectors including; technology, manufacturing, professional and financial services, agriculture and entertainment.

In addition to his extensive career assisting small businesses and companies, Isom has also developed and instructed curriculum for graduate and undergraduate level classes in accounting, auditing and entrepreneurship. He is an active community member and serves as a board member for various professional, Not-For-Profit, charitable, civic and trade organizations.

Craig Isom is certified in:

Business Succession and Valuation
Economic Gardening
Certified Public Accountant
Utah SBDC Counselor Certification

Joni Anderson

Assistant Director

Joni Anderson is the Assistant Director of the Southern Utah University Small Business Development Center and Procurement Technical Assistance Center. Joni provides in-depth, high quality, one-on-one business counseling sessions to entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs. She also assists companies who are seeking to do business with the government by providing quality bid-matching solutions and government contracting guidance. Joni develops and coordinates business training and counseling as needed for both pre-venture and existing business clients throughout Iron, Beaver, and Garfield counties.

Joni has been with the SUU Small Business Development Center/Procurement Technical Assistance Center since 1997. She received a B.S. in Business Administration from Southern Utah University (1998), and an M.B.A. from Southern Utah University (2006). She has also been co-owner/manager in a small family owned business. Joni is actively involved in the community and serves as a board member for several community organizations. 

Joni Anderson is certified in:

Business Succession and Valutation

Accredited Business Planning Advisor

Utah SBDC Counselor Certification

APTAC Certified Procurment Professional 

VA CVE Verification Counselor 

  • Secret to Success:
    “The “secret” to our current level of success is that we never give up. Sure winning is awesome but in business it’s how we recover from our failures that defines us. Nobody goes undefeated in this world. ”
  • Secret to Success:
    “Our success is a result of great hardworking employees with a focus on technology.”
  • Secret to Success:
    "Perseverance and hard work!"
  • Secret to Success:
    "The secret to success is to make someone else the most important, NOT yourself. Without your vendors, customers, employees, etc. you get nowhere. If you keep everyone else happy, you naturally end up with what you want.”
  • Secret to Success:
    “Overall the secret to our success has been a relentless commitment to giving the best quality experience and product possible.“
  • Secret to Success:
    “Turning a bright idea into a successful business, and having all the support from the people around us."