Utah SBDC Annual Report 2015

Helping Utah Businesses Sell More!
Client Sales Growth
          Established Firms $58,134,000
          Start-Up Firms $7,982,000
          Total Sales Impact $66,116,000
More Utah Jobs for a Better Economy!
SBDC Client Jobs Added to Utah Economy
          Total Jobs Created 684
          Existing Jobs Saved 80
Helping Obtain Capital to Start and Grow!
Client Loans and Business Investment 
          Client Loans/Investment Obtained $56,567,000
          SBDC Operating Costs (cash) $1,965,000
          Loan Leverage $28.78 : $1.00
Serving All of Utah!
One-on-one Client Counseling

Client Counseling Hours

          Number Clients 2,665
          Average Hours per Client 5.2 hours

Funding the SBDC Creates a Positive ROI!**

Tax Revenues Generated $5,587,778
Cost of Utah SBDC Operation $2,261,932
Benefit to Cost Ratio $2.47 / $1.00

 Internally generated figures from data gathered on an on-going basis by the Utah SBDC network.

**Source: Report: "Economic Impact of Small Business Development Center Counseling Activities in Utah: 2013-2014" James J. Chrisman, Ph.D., Starkville, MS.